Monday, August 25, 2008



I think alot about life, mine, others, what is, what isn't, what could be and what couldn't etc

I lie awake with thots slipping through my mind like a slithering snake.

They envelope my very being while driving alone to work and back, to church and back or any destination that i fancy.

I ask myself, "am I a prisioner of my mind?" "is my soul trapped with with no escape?".

At times i wish i could runaway from me, from all these thots plaguing me, from my mind, from the whole world. To find a safe haven where I am free from all the demons tormenting me day and night, while I'm awake, while i'm asleep. These shadows that haunt me from afar and near, above and beneath.

How I long to run reckless and wild without these restraining chains bearing me down, threatening to draw me down to the abyss of nothingness.

Can i escape? Will i escape? Who can hear my silent screams? Is there no deliverer for my tortured soul??

Alas! I see.... What could that be? Who cometh from the distance?

A bright light floods my vision. A thunderous wind takes a hold of me. The earth vibrates as its core is shaken. Flashes all around. Hail storm seizes the land. Every living thing runs for cover. Fear grips my very soul. My heart pounds all around until my chest cavity is filled and is about to explode. A thick darkness shrouds me for the earth is at its darkest.

Suddenly.......... it is calm

Then a small still voice says to me "Be still my child for I will deliver you"

Hope like a pinpoint of light fills me from within as it gradually expands and takes hold of my every being. The chains around me fade to ash as I am released from all that bind me.

I look around, the darkness fades to nothing. The grass is green, the trees are in bloom and the birds sing a new song. I see my reflection in a still lake and I am clothed in the finest of garments with a glow from within.

A bubbly laugh escapes from my lips for once again.......... I AM FREE!!!

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