Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank God I'm Nigerian!

Ok oh! It seems like everytime i'm in the mood to blog, all I can do is lament, lament and lament some more. This is really getting old. Hmm... i don't know what to write now. WAHALA! yak.. yak.. yak...

I read this article today on an 18 month old tot in India who was married off to a dog a.k.a "the village bitch" all because he had a tooth growing in his mouth! This is believed to be very bad luck signifying the untimely death of this child by a tiger. The dog was seen wearing 2 silver rings and a necklace. The parents also assured everyone that the child would still marry from his own species in the future. HA!

Now as much as I appreciate the Indian culture as they have a very rich one at that, I think that some of their beliefs are totally wacked!! Imagine this poor child bearly out of his diapers already in an unholy matrimony with an animal! I wonder what would be written on their wedding certificate. Will they live together as toddler and bitch? Will lil Mrs toddler really honour her man or will she run off with the next availble dog while in heat? Can he really bring home the bacon?? Kids?? Sheez.. What will be the basis of their future divorce? Irreconcilable differences? Unfaithfulness? Abuse? Tufiakwa!!!

Thank God I'm a Nigerian!